Firelake Graduates from JE Dunn MCBD Program

On October 12, 2015, Firelake employees, Jackie Foley and Tyler Barrett, graduated from the Minority Contractor Business Development program. JE Dunn has offered this program since 2005 and it is comprised of MBE and WBE companies that are selected through a competitive application and interview process. Specifically, JE Dunn reviews industry experience, size of the company, and current conditions in the applicant review process. The program is designed to build business development skills to increase competitiveness in the construction industry. Participants in the program attend courses that cover topics that range from policies to estimates and procedures. Experienced mentors also serve as a resource for participating companies and a continued source of support. We are proud of our Firelake employees for excelling in this program and we look forward to future opportunities with JE Dunn and other companies in the construction industry.